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Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our transformative retreats. Our retreats provide a sanctuary to explore and awaken to a deeper understanding into the nature of reality. And activly ingage in humanity at play!


Peas On My Plate Retreat

Intervene with your false-self foodie.

Peas On My Plate is a comprehensive, mind-body personalized wellness and healthcare program. Addressing the root causes of your issues with emotional eating, faulty beliefs, and distorted self-image.

We delve into the "non-nutrient foods," where things are a bit messy in your life. Whether it is reflecting in your relationships, finances, health, career, or a different life challenge, together we reveal the underlying causes behind the urges to numb the pains in your life.

Have readily access to the tools and methods to uncover hidden beliefs of the conditioned mind, understand the corresponding emotional reactions, and its justifications as we address correlating negative thinking patterns. We will work to heal stored trauma and explore the science behind the wiring of our brain and nervous system.

Without delving deep into your core beliefs, unhealed emotions, and hidden traumas, you are likely to revert to old habits...choices and emotional reactions within a month of any life changes, if they even last that long.

These methodologies personalized to where you currently are in life, focusing on your epigenetics, transgenerational patterns and the mirrors in your life that cause fear and pain.

We use AI ph360 platform, providing you with your personalized epigenetic profile. No DNA swabbing!

Explore the spiritual and scientific depths of who you are. Personalized nutrition, Samskaras a Vedic view into your life’s themes- accessing your soul’s blueprint, meditation, prayer, Yoga, educational and experiential labs, The Game of Perceptions, and more.

This is not a quick fix. It involves accepting and being present with your current reality, and working to reset your perspectives, motivations, and core beliefs.

It is important to note that whether it is too much food, or too little food, it is all about energy. Food is the medium to the underlying core belief that is seeking transformation. -Please note food is just the medium, be it food, alcohol, drugs, shopping...


This is a 4 day/3-night retreat held in Massachusetts. Vegan meals are included. We specialize in navigating life's challenges to encourage awareness and personal growth. Please contact us for more information.



Demystifying your myth in the present. YOU get to create the blueprint for YOUR personal transformation. It is time to get back into the driver’s seat of your life and begin your journey towards lifelong fulfillment.

A life lived in slumber gets messy. To awaken from this slumber is to remember who you are before your self-imposed forgetting. The only thing that stands between you…your Authentic Self and the results desired for your life is the story you tell yourself. The one that is narrated, by your false self, your conditioned mind, its negative thinking, emotional reactions, and its justifications that not only keep your story alive… it diminishes one’s value, worth, and power. 

In this experiential retreat we will demystify and bring light to the rescripting of your story. Transmute and realign faulty beliefs that functioned as the hidden directors, those very aspects of your unconscious programming, behind the scenes navigating your life. We delve deep into the nature of reality. Re-view your life themes, samskaras, and transgenerational epigenetic inheritances, gaining clarity on the mapping of your soul’s DNA. You will access tools and modalities of meditation. prayer, contemplation, yoga…


You will script your referential preferential YOU from a clean slate. Accessing the vibration of your Future Self’s history, YOUR own personalized step by step owner’s manual.

We bring The Game of Perceptions off the board! Where your actions and beliefs of your referential preferential YOU PLAY OUT creating new neuropathways, highlighting the joy of discovery and the power of choosing one's reality consciously.

Themes, Schemes and Automobiles retreats are experiential, filled with magic, joy, and fun, it is humanity at PLAY in harmony! When one shifts, we all shift. This is a group collectives’ event, creating a positive ripple effect!


Let us bring together humanity’s collective understanding of the Universe.

Restoring unity in the world starts within our own life, through conscious decisions and generous behavior.


This is a 4 day/3-night retreat held in Massachusetts. Vegan meals are included. We specialize in navigating life's challenges to encourage awareness and personal growth. Please contact us for more information.

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