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Certifed Life and Health Coach

Specializing in braving life’s messes, spiritual health, nudging slumbered states, rescripting story lines, shadow and mirror work, recovery, and epigenetic health.

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Live your BEST LIFE!

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"Working with Sandee and her coaching program was a life-changing experience for me.

I have done other coaching programs, no comparison. The depth and intricacies involved was a game changer for me. She took personalized coaching to the next level. I am grateful for the transformational impact this coaching program has on me. She is a great mentor.”

- Bethany



My service is to empower and inspire individuals to connect to a source greater than themselves. Unlocking their full potential, embracing consciousness and personal power… cultivating a deeper understanding of who they are without the identity of the false-self-conditioned mind.

Through innovative guidance, transformative resources, and a commitment to honoring individuality, I strive to ignite transformation that leads to lasting positive change in people’s lives.

I am thrilled to be part of your transformative journey and look forward to providing steadfast support as you work towards unleashing your full potential.


IIN Certified Health Coach- Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified PHA, Functional Health and Behavioral Science Licensed- ph360, PHMA, CCAR Recovery Coach, Suicide Prevention for Non-clinical Workers-Recover Simply (NAADAC Approved Provider No.189704) Certified Reiki Master, Certified Gene Keys Guide

Author of The Game of Perceptions - a board game of mirrors, paradox and synchronicity. Peas on My Plate - personalized wellness health program, Master your Mind - Know Thyself Coaching Program

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